Domìni Veneti, a sip of Earth.

Wine has always been the protagonist of all convivial moments. And a Domìni Veneti wine is the best choice to make for its history, the origin of the grapes and the love Cantina Valpolicella Negrar has always put in selecting and processing them.

From 1989, Domìni Veneti has been the greatest testimony of well-known area: Valpolicella Classica. A Winegrowing area full of selected vines such as Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara, Dindarella, Oseleta, Rossignola, Negrara, Forselina. An area where traditions combine with research to best represent the Italian wine culture.

Taste a Domìni Veneti wine at our Osteria: a wide variety of fragrances and flavors to pair with a well-finished cuisine.